Bispham Thornton Poulton Blackpool and Fylde personal training instructor

Lose pounds and inches with a water workout that is so much fun. Water’s viscosity provides the resistance to tone, strengthen and define the muscles and the large movement of the arms and legs provide the aerobic workout to burn fat and the heart to become stronger.

Aquatherapy is excellent in water for those who have spinal injuries, bone or joint disorders.

Coming soon: Aquatic Bootcamp Circuits
Are You Man Enough For This Class Lads?
Yeah, Bring It On!” I hear you say. Well…we’ll be splitting into groups of 2,3,4 or 5 depending on the size of the class. You will be given 3 minute stations. I may have 3,4, 5 or more stations for you to complete. It’s REAL TOUGH but great fun and a fantastic workout!
Stations include – jogging from wall to wall, High Knee Tuck Jumps, Power Squats, Suspended running (legs off floor), Abs Blast (Ab curls in water, Ab rolling etc), swim through hoops and many many more.
I can provide flash cards for these so when you get to each station you know what to do, without me having to keep explaining to each group.
Still think you’re up to it?
Please let me know if you’re interested in this so we can organise the classes more quickly.

Quite often doctors and physiotherapists refer patients to my aqua classes. They are made very welcome to any class but they must work at a lower intensity to the rest of the class. Such people are:- recovering from operations, arthritic, rheumatoid , have spinal injuries or have bone/joint disorders. If you think an aqua class would benefit your condition please ask your GP’s advice and give me a ring or drop me an email and lets discuss it further

Click here to see some video snippets of my Aqua-Fit class – [Broadband required]

We can include this as part of our one to one session
or come and join one of my Aqua-Fit Classes.

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