One 2 One Training

Blackpool Poulton Fleetwood Thornton and Fylde area personal fitness trainerMy classes are great fun and as well as giving you a great work out you’ll meet some new friends as well butĀ maybe you want a more personal one to one service. Well…you’ve come to the right page!

My personal fitness training is geared to looking afterJUST YOUR REQUIREMENTS.
Each session lasts an hour. Once I can see that you are warming up and stretching correctly I’ll encourage you to do these on your own 15 minutes before our session starts so that you get the most benefit out of my time

We can work out at your own home or at a gym local to you. I’d be happy to take you to a gym to show you around – it’s really not as daunting as you may think it is – they’re just full of people like yourself who want to get fit, or remain fit.

I start by making notes about your age, weight [optional], height and general condition. This helps me work out what your maximum heart rate should be during each phase of your work out. I can supply a heart rate monitor but you may want to consider purchasing your own. During your work outs you’ll notice me making lots of notes – these help show how fit you’re getting – each session should see you getting a shade fitter – and I’ll be able to prove it with all my notes!!

The session will be varied and start with a warming up for 10 minutes to get those muscles warm and ready for a more vigorous exercise. Then we’ll stretch the muscles – I’ll take you through various stretching exercises and then we’ll start on the cardiovascular exercises – the fat burning zone!

Poulton Thornton Blackpool and Fylde area personal fitness coachI have lots of equipment we’ll be using like:-
Swiss Ball – used for Core Stability
Resistance Bands – used in Pilates, Thighs, Bums and Tums
Medicine Ball – used for abdominal and upper body work
Dumbells – used for weight training and muscle toning
Skipping Ropes
Boxing Pads and Gloves
Kick Shield
and ankle and wrist weights.

St Annes Bispham Thornton Poulton Blackpool and Fylde personal training instructorIf you join me at the gym I’ll be taking you on:-
Rowing machines
Cross Trainer
Upright Bike
Recline Bike
Resistance Machines
and Free Weights

I can also weigh and measure you weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Bispham Thornton Poulton Blackpool and Fylde personal training instructorIdeally you’ll achieve best results if you have at least two sessions a week – but we can tailor your requirements to suit your needs AND your budget by me setting you some exercises to do in your own time.

I’ll be encouraging and motivating you at every stage – it’s my job to ensure you’re getting the most out of our time together but, of course, I need to watch your heart rate to make sure I’m not pushing you too much!

When you first join me for any one to one session or at any of my classes I’ll need to go through a PARQ form. This is a health record sheet where I ask about any illnesses, injuries, recent operations etc. If there is any doubt about your health to start an exercise program I’ll need a doctors note before we can start. During your exercise routine I’ll also be monitoring many aspects of your condition by verbal screening and visual screening.

So….you’ve read this far – fancy a chat?
Ring me – 07786 022980 or completeĀ this form to let me know more about you