Example Exercises

Well…it looks like you’re really keen on taking that next step to getting back in shape. Let’s start with a few exercises.

Important – when undertaking any exercise it is very important to stretch your muscles and warm-up correctly. (Please click here for examples of how to stretch your muscles)

The Plank
Lay on your tummy. Rest your forearms on the floor elbows just below the shoulders with clenched fists. Now inhale and as you exhale draw your belly button into your spine. Breathe in again and as you exhale come on to your toes in an upside down “V”. Immediately drop the bottom and form a straight “plank” from your shoulders right through to your heel.
10 seconds break and repeat, this time holding for 30 seconds.
Try this every day and try for a target of holding for 60 seconds.
Keep the abdominals tucked in firmly.
DO NOT hold your breath – breathe through the exercise.
It’s a KILLER!! ..but great to flatten that tummy!
[pictures and video coming soon]

Oblique Twist
Lie on back, knees bent with feet flat on the floor.
With your finger tips at your temple, inhale.
As you exhale sit up halfway and twist to the right, centre, left and down.
Repeat – 3 sets of 15
GREAT for the waist!

Boxing Abs – you could do this at one of my Boxercise classes
[or as part of your one to one training]
Lay on back with boxing gloves on, feet can be held by partner or legs apart. Partner will be pad holding, knelt on floor over you.
Come up jab, cross x 30, 20, 10 then 10 singles (ie jab, cross + go down x 10)
Breathe out on the effort.
Another KILLER!! – but BLASTS THOSE ABS!!!

Swan Dive
Lower back strengthener.
Lay on your tummy.
Forearms flat on floor, elbows in line with shoulder.
Breathe in to prepare and as you breathe out lift head, shoulders and chest off the floor – feet remain on the floor – and hold

Waist Twist
You can do this one now…..
Sit on the edge of a stiff chair, back straight.
Arms in front like a Cossack Dancer, right palm covers left elbow, left back of hand is under right elbow – elbows level with shoulder.
Now, focus on keeping the hips square, facing forward twist your right elbow back – keep those hips still!!!
Back to centre and repeat to the left – keep those hips facing forward
Repeat and try to twist further and hold whilst keeping the hips square.
Repeat x 15
Well done!!


Crazy Circle – you could do this at one of my Boxercise classes
Pad holders form a circle. They are all given a boxing position with pads.
Boxers punch each person (on the pads not the face!!) until I shout “CHANGE!”.
On change they move around the circle clockwise so each boxer has cross, jabs, head hooks, body hooks and uppercuts around the whole circle