I was a taxi driver for 15 years, a civil servant for 5 years and then a hotelier (just doing reception duties) for the last 6 years. That’s 26 years of sitting down most of the day! It had taken it’s toll and I knew I had to do something…and quick.I’d never been to a gym and, to be honest, because I was overweight and completely out of condition I found the thought of making that first visit quite daunting. I also had quite a low self esteem and although I used to be very fit in my younger days thought that if I joined a gym on my own it would be just one of those passing fads that would soon phase out. I needed somebody to motivate me and encourage me so I “Googled” Blackpool Fitness Trainer and soon found Julie’s details. A couple of phone calls later and I’d made my first appointment to go to a gym. I can’t tell you how nervous I was on that first day…..but it’s proven to be one of the best things I’ve ever done!!! 

We’d already had a telephone consultation so Julie knew that I didn’t want to become Superman – I just wanted to lose my fat belly and get fit for my holidays in November. We met at the gym and Julie put me at my ease within minutes of meeting her. I knew instantly I’d made the right choice. After a brief induction of a few of the gyms various equipment we started by doing some warm-ups and then on to a more vigorous routine using various machines in the gym and did some Boxercise – I never realised how hard it was to box – but more importantly how much fun it was to get rid of all that stress! Julie supplied equipment to monitor my heart rate so she could calculate my optimum exercise levels – hey, I knew that at least I probably wouldn’t have a heart attack. An hour later and I was “knackered” but there was something else too! My whole body felt as though it had woken up!!

Driving home it was as though I’d been in hibernation for 6 months and I’d just woken, fully refreshed and raring to go!! In the 5 or 6 weeks I’ve been training with Julie my productivity at work has nearly doubled. I no longer put things off…I’ve got a new found energy that boosts me through EVERY day. Although I can only manage two sessions a week at the gym with Julie I really look forward to them because when I get home and showered up I feel like a new person…every time!!

During the first few weeks of training I came to understand that it’s not necessarily how hard you exercise but that it’s done correctly to get the most benefit. Getting my own personal trainer seemed a little extravagent at first…but when you realise that you’re paying for her knowledge and expertise in training you correctly and, for me, which is REALLY important, the motivation and encouragement Julie provides I think this is probably the best value service I’ve ever purchased! Nothing has come close to making me feel so good, and proud, about myself. Every session is different – she pushes me that little bit more every time – and after just 5 weeks with her I’ve gone down 3 notches on my belt!! All my trousers are baggy – I need a whole new wardrobe!! (What a great problem to have!!!)

If you’re thinking of making that first step into getting back into shape I can definitely recommend that you ring Julie.

Go On…do it now!!

Doug Smith

PS…still a bit podgy but confident I’ll get to where I want to be in 6 months!!

PPS…Yes…I, too, used to think that anybody harping on about how good exercise is for you was a bit of a geek. BUT…I’ve now found the reason why all these fit folk keep telling us…it REALLY DOES make you feel GOOD.

I have been a member of the gym for the past 4 years. As i normally train alone I had devised a number of workouts for myself but had become stuck in a rut. I had tried other classes at the gym but they were not giving me the workout or the variety I wanted.Many , many months ago someone suggested I try Boxercise and I have been hooked ever since. The class is designed to give you an all round workout through a combination of boxing , skipping , sit ups, running …and more ! 

Julie’s knowledge and expertise allows you to adapt it to your own level of ability. It varies every week and Julie’s personality and the rapport she builds with the class make it fun whilst at the same time working you hard.

It’s the perfect way to release any stress at the end of a day and feel really good about yourself.

Highly Recommended

Poulton le Fylde

I am a busy, working mum of two young children. If I’m not at work, I’m with my kids and, as any mum would probably agree, I am a taxi driver, chef, cleaner and general dogsbody.All in all, that leaves little time for ME !! 

Julie told me that she was starting aqua aerobics classes at my local pool and I decided that it was about time I did something for myself.

My fitness levels were not fantastic and by no means do I claim to be twiggy.

However, I’m not going to lie and say that I lost two stone in two weeks because of aqua aerobics but what it has done is given me some of my sanity back, made me laugh a lot and I have lost a few pounds in the process. Also, after my Tuesday night class, I feel totally de-stressed and ready to face the rest of the week’s challenges.

I would recommend Julie’s classes to anybody, of any age and fitness level, as Julie welcomes all, puts you at ease straight away and best of all, makes exercising fun.

Give it a try!


Simply…Boxercise is a great work out both for building up cardio and strength.Each week there is a different programme that will work different muscle groups and will guarantee an intensive cardio workout. 

For anyone worried that it is purely boxing… It Isnt! You dont have to know anything about boxing, its basic moves that are intergrated in the various work out.

For me, it works well because i go with a friend who is the same build/weight etc…
(But truthfully he goes to check out the Ladies…Hehehehe Andy the truth is out now!!!.)

Finally last item, dont worry you dont need any equipment? Nope, just a drink.

Note :- Boxercise is great if you`ve had a crap day and want to get rid of a bit …or a lot of frustration.